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Torque Tank vs French Power Sled XT8

When it comes to functional strength training to develop explosive fitness, sled training offers a unique option. It allows you to increase your lateral speed, boost your starting speed out of the blocks, burn a ton of calories and enhance both your lower and upper body power and strength. Sled technology has advanced rapidly as the popularity of sled training has grown. In this article, we put two popular wheel based sleds head to head: the Torque Tank and the French Power Sled XT8.

Wheel Sled Benefits

Before we dig down on our two wheel based sleds, let’s pause to consider why you’d use a wheel based sled over a traditional ski mounted version. If you’ve ever used a ski based sled, you know that they react very differently on different surfaces. Try pushing them on rubber and you’re going to get very frustrated very quickly. A sled workout on concrete, on the other hand, is going to be very noisy and it will probably scratch up the surface.

The functionality of a ski sled is dependent on the humidity level, and temperature. Then there’s the problem of the friction that is generated between the sled skis and the floor. The ideal ski sled surface is turf, yet many gyms don’t have a dedicated turf area suitable for sled training. 

Upgrading to a wheel based sled overcomes all of these ski sled problems. Now you can do your workout on any type of surface. No longer do you have the friction issue and you won’t be damaging the floor every time you train.

The fact that the sled doesn’t have wheels doesn’t mean that your job is going to be easier. You’re still pushing the same amount of weight, using the same muscles and creating the same amount of tension.

The Torque Tank

The TORQUE TANK is manufactured by Torque USA. There are several versions of the Torque Tank but in this review we will focus on the original Torque Tank, which was introduced to the market in 2016.

The original Torque Tank is a magnetic resistance sled on wheels. There are four resistance settings (neutral, and levels 1, 2 and 3). The Tank features standard dual weight posts to allow you to load on weight plates. An adjustable frictionless magnetic brake system increases the resistance level with speed.

You get the following 3 intensity level zones with the Torque Tank:

  • Speed Power
  • Acceleration Power
  • Explosive Power

Each end of the tank features a tow hook that allows you to attach a strap for pulling. Dual handles on each end are ergonomically designed and have non-slip rubber hand grips. The durable inflatable rubber wheels on the Tank are easy on indoor surfaces such as hardwood floors while also being rugged enough for your outdoor sessions on grass, concrete or asphalt

You can purchase the optional X-Series Group Anchoring Station (GAS) to allow you to add more internal resistance in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells or, in fact, any other heavy object you have lying around.

The warranty cover on the Torque Tank is 10 years on the parts and 12 months on labor.

The French Fitness XT8 Power Sled

The French Fitness XT8 Power Sled is a bi-directional power sled on wheels that can be pushed or pulled with a harness. It features premium quality thick wheels that operate equally well whether you’re training inside or out. It features a dial tension control so that you can train without having to add external resistance.

The XT8 Power Sled includes a frictionless magnetic brake system that increases the resistance as you increase your pushing or pulling speed. A large, removable cage allows you to load the sled with weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells or anything else that’s heavy to challenge your body to the max. To get more of an endurance type workout, simply take some of that resistance away. 

The XT8 features a dual handle design to allow you to assume just the right working position. There is also a pair of weight posts to allow you to load the sled in the traditional manner. Rubberized handles prevent friction with your hands and calluses, though I recommend wearing workout gloves for added protection and to prevent sweat slippage.

The French Fitness XT8 Power Sled comes with a 10 year parts and 1 year labor commercial warranty. That is the same coverage that you get with the Torque Tank. 

This unit weighs in at 176 lbs (80 kg) and has the following dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 47.2″L x 37″W x 38.3″H (120cm x 94cm x 97.5cm)

Which is Best?

In putting the Torque Tank and the French Power Sled XT8 head to head, the first thing you notice is that the XT8 provides you with a weight cage as standard, whereas the Torque Tank requires you to purchase their GAS cage as an optional extra. That is a huge difference. It means that the French Power Sled provides you with a much greater weight capacity out of the box.

Both of these wheel based power sleds will deliver a very good sled training experience. They offer a similar frictionless magnetic resistance that is miles beyond what you’d get with a traditional ski based sled. However, the French Power Sled is more streamlined, less bulky and easier to maneuver. The Torque Tank is not very compact and is considerably heavier than the FrenchFitness XT8 Power Sled.


The French Fitness Power Sled beats out the Torque Tank in terms of functionality, weight capacity, compactness and value for money.

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