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Recumbent Bike Comfort Comparison

A recumbent exercise bike is designed to be more comfortable and ergonomically user friendly than an upright bike. It has a lower profile so that you are pedaling with your legs horizontal rather than vertical and it provides a lot more spinal support. But which recumbent is the most comfortable? Let’s compare the most popular brands in the marketplace to find out.

Cybex 770R Recumbent with E3 Console

The Cybex 770R has a number of features that ramp up its comfort level. The proprietary seat has been especially designed by pro cyclists to ensure maximum comfort over the course of a long training session. It provides wider than normal seating area, generous padding in the key sitting areas and full, unhampered leg movement.

This bike also features an adjustable dual speed fan to keep you cool during your summer trainer sessions. The pedals are extra wide and incorporate a side pedal design for greater ergonomic efficiency. Easy to operate strap buckle closures prevent foot slippage, keeping your securely locked in.

There are two sets of handlebars on this recumbent allowing you to to customize your preferred grip positioning. If you prefer to be more upright, hold onto the handles at the base of the console. For a more aerodynamic recline position, take a hold of the handles alongside the base of the seat.

Life Fitness Discover SE 95R Elevation Recumbent

The Discover SE95R from Life Fitness features an improved seat design with a wider seat base, thicker cushioning and greater thigh clearance. The new seat design is also able to be fully adjusted in terms of lateral positioning right from the seat itself. The lower profile seat is easy to get on and off.

The Discover SE 95R is fitted with plush arm rests and side handles. These allow you to sit back in a more relaxed recline position as you pedal. If you are a person who likes to read when you are pedaling, you will be able relieve shoulder stress by using the arm rests. The arm rests can also be adjusted up and down to make it easier to mount and dismount the machine.

Matrix R7xi Recumbent

The Matrix R7xi recumbent features an Ergo Form seat with 2-inch padding and a faux leather cover that is sweat, odor and moisture resistant. The seat back is higher than you find on many competing models, including a head rest to provide complete spinal support. This bike features a step through design to make it easy for people with limited mobility to get on and off the seat.

An integrated 3-speed personal fan keeps you cool while you are exercising on the Matrix R7xi. This bike is also wifi enabled to allow you to enjoy your favorite sounds.

Precor RBK 885 Recumbent

The Precor RBK 885 recumbent stands out thanks to its air flex seat which features a ventilated panel to provide enhanced comfort and breathability. The seat features a floating suspension system to allow the seat to move with the user for greater comfort.

You can also adjust the positioning of the seat with a single hand while you are midway through your workout. This bike has been biomechanically designed to enhance user comfort. The angle of the seat rail has been offset from the crank to alow for more natural pedaling action and to reduce the shear force n the knee.

The dual side pedals on this bike allow you to pedal with or without the integrated pedal strap. The pedals are also wider than standard to allow for a variety of foot sizes.

The angle of the seat rail is 15 degrees with a slight offset from the crank axle. As a result, the knee is directly over the ball of the foot at the 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock pedalling position.

Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike 6430

The Star Trac Pro 6430 doesn’t look like most recumbents. That is because the middle portion has been removed to make it easier to mount and dismount the bike. That is important when many people buy recumbents because they have mobility or spinal issues that prevent them from using an upright bike. The contoured seat is designed for lumbar support and ergonomic comfort. There ae also padded armrests to relive pressure from the shoulders.

The Star Trac Pro 6430 comes with an adjustable reading rack that you can slide forward to to make it easier to see your entertainment. Other comfort enhancing features include a built-in fan, and in-line skate style toe clips.

Technogym Excite 700e Recumbent

The Technogym Excite 700e recumbent features plush seating with extra thick cushioning, wide seat and full back rest that goes all the way up to a head rest. The seat is finished in sweat resistant black leather. The back rest is adjustable to 8 positions to allow you to get just the right customized back angle. There are two sets of handle bars. The bars alongside the seat are equipped with pulse sensors. The pedal straps are also easy to adjust.

True Fitness CS800

The True Fitness CS800 recumbent bike features a seat with thick cushioning through the back support. There are 25 different seat position settings. Both the seat and back support are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support. There is no head rest on this seat so the support is not as total as Technogym Excite.

Scifit ISO 7000R Bi-Directional Recumbent

The SciFit Iso 7000R Bi-Directional is unique in the recumbent market in that it features a seat unit that is totally removable. This allows for direct wheelchair access. This bike also features a full step through design for easy access. The seat angle is adjustable to 23 degrees. Adjustments include swivel, height and recline A custom 3-piece crank allows for ideal ergonomic lower body movement and oversized pedals feature secure toe straps.

SportsArt C570R Recumbent

The SportsArt C570R recumbent features a breathable back support, side handle bars with pulse sensors and oversized pedals with one touch strap adjustment. The ergonomic seat is fully adjustable and the ste through design allows easy access. The padding on the back support of this bike is not as substantial as the other recumbents in this review.

So, Which is the Best?

Having considered the comfort level of 9 of the most popular recumbents on the market, what can we conclude? The overall most comfortable recumbent exercise bike has got to be the Precor RBK 885 with its air flex seat with superior breathability and floating suspension system, single hand set adjustment and ergonomic crank and pedal design for greater user comfort.

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