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Multi-Station Gym Comparisons

A multi-station home gym is likely to be the most expensive purchase in your home gym budget. Make the right choice and you will have an awesome base to build your gym around. Make the wrong choice, however, and you will end up with an expensive white elephant that won’t give you the performance you deserve. In this article, I’ll compare five of the most popular multi stations gyms on the market right now to help you decide which one deserves pride of place in your home gym.
Here are the multi-gyms we’ll cover …
  • BodySolid g9s
  • Tuff Stuff Apollo 7300
  • Hoist Fitness h2200
  • BodySolid EXM3000LPS
  • Life Fitness fit3

BodySolid G9S

The Body Solid G9S is a twin weight stack unit that allows 3 people to work out at the same time. The biomechanically advanced multi press grip arms allow for a full range of motion on exercises like the chest press, shoulder press and angled pressing movements. All stations on this machine are fully adjustable to allow you to customize your positioning.
The Body Solid G9S features a Pec Station that has been computer designed with dual overhead resistance cams to deliver a full extension and contraction of the pectorals through every rep. The leg press and calf press station uses a 2 to 1 weight ratio to double the effective resistance. That means that you will be getting a maximum resistance of 420 lbs on your leg press and calf raise exercises.
Your purchase of the body Solid G9S is protected by an impressive lifetime home use warranty. The Body Solid G9S is an extremely heavy duty machine that provides every major resistance training station that you’d find in a commercial gym. Unlike many muti-station gyms, the designers of this machine have gone out of their way to deliver a machine that provides the adjustability, range of motion and smooth cable glide that you need for a quality workout.

Tuff Stuff Apollo 7300

The Tuff Stuff Apollo 7300 multigym is a compact triple 200 lb weight stack unit. The modular design allows for a variety of configurations from a single station to multiple connected stations. Stations are fully adjustable to as many as 15 positions. The high and low pulley stations feature counter balanced pulley carriages to alow for single hand adjustments.
The ergonomic design of each station combines with thick, durable seat padding to provide a biomechanically enhanced, comfortable workout experience. This is a sturdy machine that looks great. However, it is also extremely expensive, with the manufacturer selling it for $9,329. You can get just as much functionality with the BodySolid G9S which is several thousands of dollars less expensive.

Hoist Fitness H2200

The Hoist Fitness h2200 is a twin station light commercial and home multi-gym. Eech stack has a max weight of 200 lbs with each individual plate being pressed into industrial plastic bushings and then machined to exact specifications to provide a very smooth operation without any metal to metal contact or sound.
This unit features an L-shaped design that allows you to fit it into a corner. This machine, however, has a large footprint, is missing some key exercise options such as a pec dec, and is relatively expensive. Some of the stations also limit the range of motion, especially if you are a taller person.

BodySolid EXM3000LPS

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS represents very good value for money in a twin weight stack multi gym. This machine provides you with seven workout stations, including a leg press and pec dec. The 2:1 weight ratio gives you an effective max weight of 420 lbs on the leg press.

Considering that it provides you with so many training stations, the BodySolid EXM300LPS has a relatively compact foot print. However, it is a very heavy machine, weighing in at 940 lbs. This machine is not as heavy duty as the Body Solid G9S. It is also difficult to put together, with some online reviewers claiming that it took them as long as 10 hours to assemble.

The upholstery on the seats is made from durable synthetic leather. The cushioning on the seats is 2 inches thick, providing a level of comfort that you don’t see on many competitor units. The low pulley machine does not feature a seat to securely perform exercises such as seated rowing.

A number of optional attachments are available for the BodySolid EXM3000LPS, including a vertical knee raise attachment. 

Life Fitness Fit3

The Life Fitness Fit 3 Multigym is a 3 station machine that has been designed for light commercial and home use. It is compact, intended for application in limited space environments. The Fit 3 comes with three 210 lb weight stacks, allowing three people to exercise at the same time. It is made from 11-gauge steel to provide a high level fo strength and durability.
Chrome plated guide rods allow for free floating movement of the weight stack and cable to deliver a jerk free, smooth movement. The 3 stations on the F3 provide the following exercise options:
Station One: Lat Pulldown / Seated Cable Row / Biceps Curl / Triceps Extension
Station Two: Multi Press (Chest, Shoulder & Incline Press)
Station Three: Your choice of Leg Extension / Lying Leg Curl or Leg Press / Calf Extension
The Life Fitness F3 is certainly a stylish looking multi gym. It features shrouds round each weight stack for user safety and aesthetic appeal.
The biggest problem with the Fit 3, as we can see from the above, is that it does not offer the full range of exercise options that you need in a full use multi-gym. For example, when it comes to working your lower body you have to choose between a leg press or a leg extension machine; you cannot do both. Some of the stations, such as the leg extension, also provide limited movement so that you cannot achieve a full range of motion on your leg extensions and leg curls.


The winner in our head to head comparison of 5 of the most popular muli station gyms on today’s market is the BodySolid 9GS. Here’s what I love about the 9GS …
  • Twin 210-lb weight stacks
  • Muti press grip arm
  • Pec Station
  • Leg Presss / Leg Extension
  • Smooth Glide System
  • Lifetime Warranty (for home use)

The BodySolid G9S represents the most cost effective option if you are looking for a full station twin stack multigym that allows you to do everything you can do in a commercial gym with full range of motion and smooth, natural functionality. 

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