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Golden Design Saunas: Comparative Overview

A home sauna is a fantastic health investment that will benefit the whole family. It will provide you with a raft of benefits that you won’t find elsewhere, including improved immunity system, detoxification, increased blood circulation, and better sleep. One of the most popular home sauna brands on today’s market is Golden Designs.
Offering North America’s best selling Infrared saunas, Golden Designs are based in Ontario, California and have retail outlets across the country. They sell saunas in the following collections
Among these collections are a mix of sauna technologies, including Low EMF, steam, and near zero EMF. Here is a comparative overview of their range.

Steam Room Benefits

Heat Stress
Heat stress is one of the few goods types of stress that actually benefits the human body. Positive stress is known as hormesis. It’s the type of stress that comes from exercise and results in adaptations that make the body stronger and healthier. Heat stress acts in a similar way.
Regular sauna use has been shown to slow down the aging process. A large Finnish study which involved more than 2000 subjects showed that regular sauna use (4-7 times per week) were 40 percent less likely to die from age related degenerative diseases or heart attack.
A key cause of these benefits are believed to be the release of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) which come from regular sauna use. HSPs have been shown to be able to fix age-damaged cells, reduce free radical damage and promote antioxidant activity.
Heat stress has also been shown to activate what is known as the longevity gene (FOXO3). This gene actively fights against a whole range of age related genetic decline.
Mitochondrial Health
The mitochondria in your muscles cells are the source of your energy. The weaker they are, the more unhealthy you will be. Conversely, strong, numerous mitochondria are the key to abundant energy and well-being. The heat stress that results from regular sauna use has been shown to play a key role in proving mitochondrial health. In addition to making your mitochondria stronger, it also promotes the creation of more mitochondria.
Detoxification involves the removal of toxins, or poisons from the body. Regular sauna use appears to be one of the most effective ways to do so. Sweating is among the best ways to release toxins, especially such compounds as mercury, PCB and DDT. Yet,sweating isn’t the only way that saunas promote detoxification. The entire effects of heat stress have been shown to aid the process.

Promotes Weight Loss

Sauna use will promote water weight loss through sweating. However, that weight will return when you drink a glass of water. Beyond that, however, recent research shows that heat stress itself promotes weight loss. In addition, sauna use has been shown to reduce appetite. It lowers the body’s production of ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone.


Golden Design sell three traditional steam saunas:
  • The Olsa Edition 6 Person 
  • The Copenhagen Edition 3 Person
  • The Sundsval Edition 2 Person
All three of these saunas are made from Canadian redwood cedar and feature an interior ceiling galaxy star color therapy lighting system. This lighting system is also built into the interior back rest. There is also a touchscreen control panel with built-in FM radio and Bluetooth connection. The traditional sauna stove on the Osla Edition has a 6KW capacity, going down to 5KW for the Copenhagen and 4KW for the Sundsval. That, along with the dimensions of the sauna, is the only difference between these three models.

Low EMF vs Near Zero EMF

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. All electrically charged objects produce them. The EMF can cause harm to the human body so all manufacturers strive to reduce their levels. All Golden Design Saunas have been developed to have low EMF levels. However, several models feature an advanced patent pending near zero EMF technology which significantly reduces the amount of EMF exposure. This results in ultra-low EMF of less than 2 millgaus. This neutralizing of the magnetic field leads to near zero EMF being released, which makes the Near Zero EMF saunas better for your health than Low EMF models.

Golden Designs Low EMF Saunas

Infrared saunas use electromagnetic (EMF) infrared lamps that are able to directly warm up your body rather than the air around you in the sauna. However, exposure to high EMF levels can be toxic to the body, leading to headaches, heart problems and fatigue. That is why you should look for the lowest EMF infrared sauna possible. Golden Designs offer some of the best on the market.
The Golden Designs collection has 3 low EMF saunas:
  • GDI 6106-01
  • GDI 6109-01
  • GDI 3356-01
The GDI 6106-01, which has a two person capacity, features six low EMF carbon heating elements. It has both an interior and an exterior LED control panel and is constructed from natural hemlock wood. The see through door is made of tempered glass and the sauna includes a chromotherapy lighting system as well as an interior reading light.
The GDI-6109-01 also has a two person capacity but makes use of eight low EMF carbon heating elements, giving it 25 percent more power heating capacity than the GDI-6106-01. It is also slightly wider than that other model.
The GDI-6106-01 has a capacity of three people and makes use of six low EMF carbon tech heaters. The other specs are the same as the other two models in this collection.
There are 9 saunas in the Dynamic collection which are classified as low EMF. They are made from environmentally friendly Canadian hemlock wood planks. These saunas feature FAR infrared heating panels They range in price between $2,500, for a one to two person sauna and $6000 for a four person model. This range also uses carbon heating lamps, tempered glass doors and a chromotherapy lighting system.
The Maxxus collection offers 14 low EMF saunas. These are made from either Canadian reforested red cedar or hemlock wood. They also feature low EMF heating panels, a floor heater, a radio with Bluetooth capacity, privacy glass and chromotherapy heating.

In summary, the main difference between the different low EMF saunas is the timber from which it is constructed and the individual aesthetic of each collection. 

Near Zero EMF

While it is not possible to get zero EMF infrared saunas, you can get very close to zero. There are three near zero saunas in the Golden Designs collection. They feature Golden Designs’ patented PureTech near zero EMF heating technology that makes use of infrared wavelengths to deliver heat therapy in a near zero EMF environment.

There are 11 near zero EMF saunas in the Dynamic collection. These saunas are made from natural hemlock wood and come in a number of designs. They are available in everything from two person to eight person capacities. The Maxxus collection features nine near zero EMF saunas. This range is made from Canadian Reforested Red Cedar. This timber emits a natural armon that enhances the sauna experience. These saunas are fitted with Near Zero EMF PureTech heating panels along with a floor heater, Bluetooth capable radio, chromotherapy lighting and privacy glass door. The range includes corner models and ranges from two to four person capacity.

Himalayan Salt Bar Full Spectrum Saunas

Himalayan Salt is recognized as the purest form of natural salt on the planet. It contains 84 trace minerals that provide a whole host of health benefits. When built into sauna technology, Himalayan Salt is gently heated to trigger the natural ionization process. This has a positive effect on mood, digestion, sleep, memory and appetite.
The Golden Designs collection features five saunas that have a built in Himalayan Salt Bar. Each of them is built from 100 percent Canadian Hemlock Fir and has PureTech heating technology built into its heating panels. They make use of near, mid and far wavelengths to deliver full spectrum heat at near zero EMF standard.


Golden Designs have been around since 2008. Within that time they have established themselves as a market leader in the home sauna space. They offer a wide range of saunas, though the difference between many of them comes down to the type of timber from which the model is constructed. Standard features across all saunas are …
  • Spacious and stylish
  • Adjustable lighting control
  • Built-in entertainment center
  • Easy assembly
  • Chromotherapy mood lighting
When it comes to low and near zero EMF infrared saunas, Golden Designs are the acknowledged market leader. They have excellent customer reviews built on an impressive level of customer service.

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