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Function Trainer / Rack Combo Comparison: BodyCraft RFT Rack vs French Fitness SRFT8

Functional trainers have experienced a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. This has given rise to a new breed of double weight stack functional training machines that are more compact, more versatile, and that provide more exercise options than ever before. In this article, we put two of the most popular function trainers – The French Fitness SRFT8 and the BodyCraft RFT 150 – head to head to find out which one represents the best overall value and performance capabilities.

French Fitness SRFT8 Overview


  • Dual 198lb weight stacks
  • 21 position vertical pulley adjustment
  • Pulleys are 180-degree adjustable
  • Solid steel frame
  • Looks great
  • Robust squat rack


  • No horizontal pulley adjustment

The French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer consists of a dual adjustable pulley system with two 198 pound weight stacks. This compact but versatile machine is designed to replicate everything you can do in a commercial gym. It features 180-degree rotational pulley adjustability and 21-position quick change zinc plated pop pin vertical pulley positioning.

The 2mm steel frame is extremely solid, ensuring that you have the rigidity you need on every exercise, regardless of how much weight you’re lifting. Every part of this machine has been precision tested for strength and durability, with the 5mm cable having been tested to 1750 lb (800kg) of tension.

The French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer is one of the most aesthetically appealing functional trainers on the market, with its metal shroud, and stainless steel main frame. It features a lat pulldown station with padded cushioning that is covered in high quality sweat, moisture, and odor resistant leather. This station features six adjustable positions and automatic rebound pins to avoid shaking and give you an extremely secure lock in when working your upper back.

The durable and smooth stainless steel guide rods on the weight stack ensure a seamless cable movement. This machine is also an extremely solid squat rack, with max load spotter arms and j hooks that will handle up to 555lbs each. There are also multi-position pull-up and chin-up bar stations that allow you to do ordinary grip, underhand grip, mixed grip, sternum pull-ups, and one-arm pull-ups. A seated row footrest also comes as a standard feature.

Other attachments that come with the French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer are a landmine attachment for fitting an Olympic barbell, dip bars, and six weight posts. There is also storage for three barbells. The handles that come with this trainer include a triceps rope, t-bar row handle, and nylon handle strap.

Optional extras include the following:

  • Jammer Arms (Optional)
  • Leg Press (Optional)
  • Lat Pulldown (Optional)
  • Bench (Optional)
  • Preacher Curl (Optional on Bench Attachment)
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl (Optional on Bench Attachment)

The warranty on the French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer is pretty impressive, providing you with 10 years on parts and one year on light commercial use.

BodyCraft RFT150 Overview


  • Dual 150 lb weight stacks
  • Solid frame
  • 23 pulley positions
  • Etched number on pulley adjustments
  • Dual independent high and low pulleys
  • Very smooth cable operation


  • Quite a basic chin-up station
  • No standard dip bar feature

The BodyCraft RFT150 is about the same size as the French Fitness SRFT8 functional trainer but has a boxier design. The frame is made of 2 x 3-inch heavy gauge steel tubing with half-inch steel bolts at all connections. It features dual front adjustable swivel pulleys with 23 vertically adjustable pop pin positions. Each setting is laser etched with a number to make it easy to locate. Each of the weights stacks provides you with 150 lbs of resistance, which can be upgraded to 200 lbs each.

This machine comes with dual independent low pulleys to facilitate seated rowing and other low cable exercises. There are matching dual independent high pulleys for lat pulldowns. Heavy duty safety spotters allow the trainer to function as a power rack for squats and deadlifts.

A chin-up bar is included as a standard feature on this trainer. This is a straight bar so does not offer as much functionality as the pull-up bar on the SRFT8. Your purchase comes with the following accessories:

  • Long Lat Bar
  • Short Lat Bar
  • AnkleStrap
  • 2 SingleHandles
  • 2 Chains

The pulleys operate very smoothly on this machine, allowing for a consistently jerk free cable exercise range of motion. The pop pin vertical adjustment system is also very clean, allowing for quick transitions between exercises.

The light commercial warranty on the BodyCraft RFT150 provides you with 10 years on the parts and 2 years on parts and 6 months on wear items.

Cost Comparison

The cost of the French Fitness SRFT8 is $2799. This compares to $3499 for the BodyCraft RFT150. However, the BodyCraft guys offer free shipping, while this is not the case with the French Fitness trainer.

So, Which is Best?

When we put the French Fitness SRFT8 and the BodyCraft RFT150 head to head, it becomes pretty clear which machine provides you with the best value and the overall performance. That machine is the French Fitness SRFT8. Here’s why …

  • The French Fitness SRFT8 is $700 less expensive than the BodyCraft RFT150.
  • The French Fitness has dual 198 lb weight stacks compared to dual 150 lb weight stacks for the BodyCraft. For an extra $229 you can upgrade the BodyCraft weight stacks to 200 lbs.
  • The pulleys on the French Fitness machine are 180-degree adjustable; this is not the case with the BodyCraft.
  • The pull-up bar system on the French Fitness trainer is more functional with more options than the BodyCraft.
  • The French Fitness machine provides you with a landmine attachment, seated row footrest, and dip bars as standard; the BodyCraft does not.
  • The French Fitness trainer provides 6 weight storage horns and multiple bar racks; the BodyCraft does not.

Wrap Up

A functional trainer is a major investment that will transform your home workout experience. When it comes to deciding between the French Fitness SRFT8 and the BodyCraft RFT150, my recommendation is to save yourself $00 and go for the more functional French Fitness Trainer.

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