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French Fitness MIC8 vs. Technogym Spin Bike – How Does A Budget-Friendly Exercise Bike Compare To Big Brands

Finally decided to step on the bandwagon of fitness? kudos! It may be an uphill journey, but it keeps getting better. If you’re not looking for high-intensity workouts right away, you can start with something light, like an indoor cycle.

Not only does an indoor cycle help you burn fat faster, it also possesses many cardiovascular benefits, and works wonders for your muscle endurance. An exhilarating cycling session of 20-30 minutes will leave you sweating and panting, but it will rejuvenate you too.

If you haven’t bought an indoor cycle before, how do you decide which one to buy? There are numerous models out there, each one with different value-added features, such as resistance, heart rate tracking, and much more.

Don’t worry, we’re here to make your life a little easier by pitting two high-end indoor cycles against one another.

This post compares the French Fitness MIC4 Magnetic Indoor Commercial Cycle with the Schwinn AC Performance Plus With Carbon Blue Belt Drive Indoor Cycle, which is a remanufactured model. At first glance, there isn’t much of a difference in the two, but let’s dive deeper into the specifics.

Brief Introductions

Before we compare both models of indoor cycles with each other, let’s take a quick look at the basics of

French Fitness MIC4 Magnetic Indoor Commercial Cycle

The MIC4 Magnetic Indoor Cycle is manufactured by French Fitness, which is one of the top manufacturers and retailers for high-class gym and fitness equipment in the US. It has a durable construction with a rust protective finish and top-quality bearings, giving it a professional look and smooth functionality.

It features a belt transmission mode with an 8.8 lb wheel, and its electromagnetic control system enables it to provide 32-section resistance adjustment. It also has a console that tracks your time, distance, pulse, calories, and speed. It’s perfect for all types of indoor cyclists.

Schwinn AC Performance Plus With Carbon Blue Belt Drive Indoor Cycle (Remanufactured)

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus With Carbon Blue Belt Drive Indoor Cycle is a remanufactured model with a sturdy aluminum frame and a pearl white finish, which gives it a refined look. Its frame is rust- resistant and lightweight, and can easily bear weights of up to 350 lbs. It has a unique Carbon Blue belt drive mechanism that uses a carbon fiber reinforced belt with teeth and ISIS oversized bottom bracket to provide a smooth cycling performance.

This indoor cycle also comes with magnetic brakes that allow you to stop the bike without any tension, and also ensures they don’t wear out with time. It provides a wonderful cycling experience that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced cyclists.

In-Depth Comparison

Now lets see how they fare against each other and which cycle comes out on top. There are a number of key factors that you can consider when comparing two indoor cycles with each other. We’ll examine them


You might be wondering what weight has to do with the efficiency or smoothness of an indoor cycle. When we talk about the weight of an indoor cycle, it can be divided into two sections – how much the cycle weighs, and how much weight it can bear without wearing down. If we factor in the former variable, the MIC4 is slightly heavier than the Schwinn model, with a difference of 10 lbs.

The French Fitness MIC4 Indoor Cycle supports a maximum user weight of 350 lbs, whereas the Schwinn AC Indoor Cycle bears a user weight of 300 lbs. This makes the MIC4 more suitable for people who weigh more than 300 lbs and are looking to lose weight. A cycle with more max user weight offers less resistance


When examining any indoor cycle, its performance is one of the most important metrics that you should check. Its performance depends on its smoothness and ease of use. When you compare the French Fitness cycle against the Schwinn model, you’ll find that both provide a smooth performance and also emulate the feel of a real cycling experience.

This is due to their belt drive system, which multiplies the slightest effort into a powerful step. Another benefit of the belt transmission system is that it provides a smoother and quieter performance as compared to indoor cycles with a chain drive transmission.


Resistance is another important feature of any indoor cycle, and it greatly impacts how much effort you have to put into cycling. It translates into the number of calories burned, as well as the amount of weight you can lose by cycling.

The French Fitness MIC4 has an electromagnetic control with 32-section resistance adjustment, whereas the Schwinn AC Indoor Cycle equips a 6-magnet non-contact magnetic resistance. The former offers more versatility in terms of resistance, which can be altered by a knob that’s present on the frame.


Naturally, you would’ve set a certain budget within which you’d like to buy an indoor cycle, and in terms of the price point, the French Fitness takes the cake. It’s priced at $1,099, which is very reasonable if you compare it to similar models of other brands. In contrast, the Schwinn AC Indoor Cycle will require you to spend a lot more money – $2,295, to be more precise!

French Fitness MIC8

French Fitness MIC8 Magnetic Indoor Commercial Cycle is the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience. It combines unique design with cutting-edge connectivity, awesome feeling and unparalleled ease of use.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, both the French Fitness MIC4 and the Schwinn AC are virtually the same in terms of performance, build, weight, and other key factors. So you should choose the French Fitness MIC4 Magnetic Indoor Commercial Cycle as it costs less than half the price of the Schwinn indoor cycle.

The French Fitness MIC4 Indoor Cycle is a solid option if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, and it’s a machine you can hold on to for a long time. Buying it will mean you won’t have to replace or upgrade it once you have reached a substantial level on your fitness or weight loss journey. With virtually the same specs but a much lower price, the MIC4 is kind of a no-brainer.

French Fitness MIC8

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