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Expresso Bike Comparisons

Expresso Fitness combines the worlds of virtual reality and indoor cycling to deliver an immersive workout experience that takes your training experience to the next level. They provide more than 40 different HD destinations around the world to motivate you and push to your limits.
A division of Interactive Fitness, Expresso Fitness is based in Santa Clara, California. Expresso bikes are at the high end of the market and provide a level of workout experience that is unrivalled.
In this review we take a close look at the following Expresso Bikes:
  • Expresso GO
  • Expresso HDU
  • Expresso S3u
We will also compare the Expresso range to two other popular options:
  • Trixter
  • Peloton

Expresso GO

The Expresso GO upright bike is the most popular bike in the Expresso range. It is also available as a recumbent. This bike features a massive 26.5 Inch HD touchscreen. That is 3 inches larger than the previous model. The Giada computer that powers the screen produces unrivalled graphics.
The Express GO provides you with 30 gears to deliver a vast range of intensity options and simulate an on road experience. The motion control handlebars allow you to replicate the body positioning that you get on an outdoor bike. This bike also features an impressively comfortable seat. There are 43 different cycling routes built into this bike, without distances ranging from one to twenty miles.
This is a very solid and sturdy exercise bike that delivers an extremely smooth, natural cycling experience. It is a commercial grade machine that delivers a top level riding experience.
There are plenty of cool entertainment features built into the bike. These include interactive games, challenges and a competitive leaderboard. To benefit from all of these features you will have to pay a monthly subscription to eLive.
An e-Live subscription will cost you $25.00 per month. Alternatively, you can set up an annual membership of $275.00. This provides you with all access to 50 roads, 20,000+ feet of elevation and 350+ miles of stunning graphics. You also gain access to a full suite of open gaming worlds with unlimited challenges and areas to explore. Home bike owners also get full access to the Studio Sweat on demand workout for off-bike workouts. Your membership provides you with 10 individual profiles to accommodate the entire family.

Expresso HDU

The Expresso HDU has similar specs to the Express GO with the big difference that you do not have to pay for the monthly subscription to access half of the courses that are available on the Express GO.
This commercial grade bike features a 23 inch HD widescreen, being 3.5 inches smaller than you get with the GO. However, it has the same next generation computer to deliver superior visuals. The bike delivers a very smooth ride with responsive steering. Your immersive experience is enhanced by the ability to turn the handle as you steer through the various courses.
This bike provides 30 gears that automatically adjust with the course. The adjustable seat provides the same level of comfort that you enjoy on the Express GO, along with the 20 vertical and 7 horizontal positions.
To access all of the courses available on the Express GO, you will have to subscribe to eLive. Without an eLive subscription, the HDU provides you with access to the following features:
Basic Tours = 7
Moderate Tours = 6
Challenging Tours = 6
Extreme Tours = 6

Treasure World Maps = 1
Dragon World Maps = 1
Explorer World Maps = 1


Expresso S3U

The Expresso S3U is a step down from both the GO and the HDU in terms of specs. The HD display screen on this model measures 19 inches. It features a dual belt resistance system for a smooth riding experience. The patented SHIFT gears and STEER handlebars enhance the interactive experience by allowing you to physically react to what is happening on the course.
As the course that you are following unwinds, your pedaling intensity will adjust accordingly. Your purchase of this bike comes with a Polar compatible heart rate sensor. The console provides feedback on your heart rate, time, power, calories burned and rpm. This bike provides you with the same comfortable, multi-adjustable seat that you get with the Express HDU.
If you ride this bike after experiencing the GO or HD, it will feel smaller and less immersive. That being said, it still provides you with an awesome riding experience. As with the HD, you can access half of the courses without subscribing to eLive. It should be noted, however, that the very popular Dragon Fit update is not available on the S3 without a subscription, while it comes as standard with the Express HD.


The Trixter X-Dream exercise bike provides you with a similar immersive riding experience to the Express range. It features the ability to steer the bike along front and rear gears to give you that actual on road feel. Embedded sensors on the bike are able to detect everything that you’re doing on the bike so that the console display reacts in real time.
The Trixter X-Dream features real feel gears, pedals, handlebars, and cranks to deliver the most immersive, realistic riding experience possible. A large display monitor is mounted on a pole at the front of the bike. That makes for a rather bulky unit with a larger than normal footprint.
When you buy a Trixter, you also get access to half of the courses available on eLive. To access the full availability, you will have to purchase a subscription.


The Peloton is a direct competitor to the Expresso range that offers similar capabilities. It is a premium indoor bike that has a wifi enabled touchscreen tablet. The 21.5 inches 1080p HD ten-point multi-touch screen provides you with a graphic experience that is on par with what you get on an Expresso bike.
The Peloton bike features a carbon steel frame that is extremely solid and stable. The ergonomic seat is fully adjustable and extremely comfortable. The pedals on this bike come with special delta clips, which means that you need to buy shoes that are compatible with the pedals before you can use the bike.
When you buy a Peloton bike, you are required to purchase a monthly subscription. That cost is $12.99 per month, which is a reduction from the previous price of $19.99 per month.

Expresso vs Peloton: Head to Head

Expresso and Peloton are two of the most popular interactive cycle options out there. So, how do they match up against each other?
The Expresso Go has a larger screen, at 26.5 inches. This compares to 22 inches on the Peloton. Expresso’s Studio Sweat training app features on demand classes with workouts updated daily. Peloton’s app provides you with 10 workouts classes, including off bike training such as yoga, cardio and stretching.
In terms of interactivity, Expresso provides the most immersive experience, with 9 maps to chose from, along with a whole quite of games and challenges. When it comes to the pedals, the Expresso Go offers both toe cage and clip on options. When it comes to the Peloton, however, you will need to wear cycling shoes, with the pedals being SPD compatible only.
Both bikes have motion control handlebars, but only the Expresso Go provides greater movability. The seat on the Expresso also provides more padding than the Peloton.
When it comes to performance, the Peloton provides 30 resistance labels, compare to 24 on the Peloton. Both bike provide an extremely smooth, natural riding experience, with the Expresso having a 29 lb flywheel, compared to 30 lbs for the Peloton.
A cool unique feature with the Expresso is the ghost rider option. This allows you to compete against a previous version of yourself.
The maximum user weights on the two bikes is on par, with 300 lbs for the Expresso and 297 lbs for the Expresso Go.

The Verdict

The best value high end interactive experience bike is the Expresso HDU, which allows you to access a wide range of interactive courses without buying a monthly subscription.
The best overall commercial gym option is the Expresso GO, with its greater specs, huge interactive HD screen. However, you will need a subscription to access the interactive features.
If you are after the best in-home interactive cycling experience, you should invest in the Peloton. Just keep in mind that you will also need to take on a monthly subscription to get full benefit from its interactive features.

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